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Installation ------------ To install, run cd ~ git clone git:// .oh-my-zsh ln -s .oh-my-zsh/zshrc .zshrc cd .oh-my-zsh git submodule init git submodule update chsh -s `which zsh` Key Bindings ------------- `Ctrl + b` Go back in the directory location history `Ctrl + f` Go forward in the directory location history `Ctrl + u` Go up in the directory structure `Ctrl + k` ls `Alt + v` vim Not ideal, I'm open to suggestions. Features -------- * The git status is printed in the prompt. To disable type `nog` (huge repositories tend to slow down the shell). Also disable git completion * The command history is shared across sessions (very useful with `Ctrl + r`). To disable type `noh` (useful when all you are doing is Up arrow + Enter). * Syntax is highlighted. * No need to type `bundler exec` for most commands (annotate cap capify cucumber ey foreman guard heroku middleman nanoc rackup rainbows rails rake rspec ruby shotgun spec spork thin thor unicorn unicorn\_rails). * `vi file:123` will open file at line 123. * hitch is supported * To load nodejs bin directory in the $PATH, type `npm_bin`